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Christine Young


Holy Cross Sister Suzanne, director of Cross Ministries, said there was no need for donors to clutter their calendar marking a date, or having to take away an evening from family and friends, and Christine Young Ministries did not have to plan another function. Instead of donors spending money to attend an elegant affair, they simply mailed a check for the money they would have spent renting a tuxedo, buying an elegant sequined gown, shoes, and accessories, or money they would have spent on a babysitter. Donors could indicate where they wanted their contributions to be gifted.

Christine Young distinctly recalls the years after enactment of the nation's 1986 immigration law, which provided a massive amnesty program but for the first time punished employers who knowingly used undocumented workers. Young, used the then-new "employer sanctions" to levy civil fines, a practice that dwindled in the 1990s before virtually disappearing by the end of the decade.