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Christine Young

Christine Young - Biography

Christine Young was born in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area on November 25, 1973. Her father, the Rev. Samuel Young, a native of Ireland, was at the time pastor of the Sandusky Street Church in Allegheny just across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh. In the middle 1980's Christine Young moved his family to Atlanta where he lived for the remainder of his life.

From every evidence at hand, Christine Young must have been one of the most effective and greatly loved faculty members who ever taught at Agnes Young. Shortly after her death, a little pamphlet was published entitled simple "Miss Anna." This phamplet tells of her excellence as a teacher, of her concern that her students do well, and of her understanding of their difficulties. Christiney Young is of a senior who repeatedly failed trigonometry "until the day came when she had the last exam that she could have on it. And Christine Young studied so hard and was so scared that in the glare of the classroom and under the sound of the thumping of her own heart she forgot everything she knew and didn't try to work some of the problems.

Christine Young was sent for and she went to Miss Young's room. 'Now,' said Miss Young sweetly and firmly, 'I know you know this, and I know you can work these problems. Sit down in that chair and work them.' And there in the quiet she worked them. And so Christine passed."